Who am I?  Most days I am still trying to answer that question myself, but with all my quirks and flaws there is one thing I am for sure and that is a daughter of The Most High King.  It is the single greatest decision I have ever made or will ever make in my life.  The next life marker that will forever go down in history would be my marriage of 15 years to Zach Dasher.  How I snagged that guy is a mystery to me, but he is taken ladies and I'm the lucky gal.  The four "little" smiles staring back at you in this photo are gifts from a gracious God that He has entrusted to Zach and I for this short time we are on this earth and I spend most of my days homeschooling the younger two and driving the "bigs" as we call them to and fro.  I would love to say that I do all of this with the greatest of ease and rarely an off day, but lets face it, I am flawed.   
In fact that would be the reason I started this blog in the first place, I am flawed.  It's not that I love my flaws, but it is just that I realize they aren't going anywhere.  Sure, I might trade one in for another, but ultimately until I am made complete by the one who gave me life I will have struggles in this life.  Growing up in the church I always thought that everyone was perfect, at least they all seemed pretty perfect.  It was so intimidating that I remember on several occasions thinking there was no way that I would ever grow up to be like "those" women.  You know, the ones who have it all together.  It didn't take long into my marriage for me to realize that I would in fact never measure up to "those" women and I spent several years beating myself up because I was far from the person I desired to be and knew that I had to be doing something wrong.  What I came to realize, with the help of The Holy Spirit, is this, I will never be perfect on this earth and neither will you, but if I will just seek out The One who is perfect He can take my flaws and make them into something beautiful.  I want to share this with women and girls everywhere.  Quit seeking perfection!  It is an exhausting task and you will end up short every time, but "seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well" Romans 6:33.
-Jill Dasher


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