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Hi Yall! Why am I starting a blog??  Mostly because I am super impressed and jealous of all the moms out there that blog the daily events and milestones reached by each child while at the same time maintaining a perfectly ordered household, organic garden, and homeschool!!! If that’s not enough, all the while they never seem to have moments of impatience.  With every discipline opportunity they handle it with complete grace and instruction straight from the word of God.  Their words are so articulate that their kids immediately see the error of their ways and promise to be better, right after they remind their mother how wonderful she is.  So I am going to be one of those moms and I am going to give this blog thing a shot.  The rest is sure to fall into place…right?
Just in the time it took me to write this paragraph I believe, no I’m positive that my 1 year old spilled chicken broth all over my mopped kitchen floor, my four year old had a melt down because the cheese wiz was gone, (oops cheese wiz is not organic is it?) and finally my 6 and 8 year old were fighting over who made the biggest mess in the school room and why the other one was going to clean it or they were going to tell mom. I mean do they really think I can’t hear what’s going on?? Yes, of coarse, I immediately recited the scripture (“if a man does not work, he should not eat.”) Well that’s what I wanted to do after I thought about it for a minute, but in actuality I sent them to there rooms.  I do have a blog to write.

So you see this blog probably is not going to make me into the perfect Christian wife and mother, but that was really never my goal to begin with.  I just thought that would be a clever start.  Please know that if you truly are all of those things I listed in the first paragraph, I admire you beyond words and wish that you would write a blog for me!!! However, I believe there are far more of you moms out there like myself, who with all there heart seek to be the woman that God has intended for them to be in every area of their lives, yet still you find yourself coming up short at times.  I do not have a PhD in raising kids or being the perfect wife.  In fact my degree is in fashion merchandising, so as far as qualifications go, I guess I’m only qualified to tell you how the perfect mother should dress, which I just might do at times because I love to share a bargain with my friends.  However, I’m a TjMaxx junky so if you’re a high dollar spender I would not be the girl for you.

 All that being said I am the wife of an amazing man that challenges me everyday to be all that God has called me to be and the mother of 4 kid ages 8, 6, 4, and 1 so right or wrong I have some experience in the kid arena.  No my days are not all sunshine’s and roses and I normally do not greet my husband at the door after a long days work with a glass of sweet tea and his slippers looking ever so lovely with not a hair out of place, although I probably should more often.  Instead he usually finds me in a “every hair OUT of place look” with a baby on my hip and no telling what type of food or fingerprint tattooing the front of my not so designer t-shirt.  When I’m really feeling good I will throw on some mascara and lip gloss to attempt the “I don’t really care what I look like, but I hope you find me irresistible” look, you know what I’m talking about ladies.   My children are the joy of my life, but there are days when I am almost positive that someone somewhere has implanted crazy chips in the brains of each one of my children in order to get a great video for YouTube.  However I feel so beyond blessed to be able to peek at the world through their untainted eyes.  Their discoveries and observations bring warmth to my heart.  I hope that through this blog I can share my experiences as a God fearing woman, wife, and mother, both good and bad; things that worked and things that didn’t, strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly anything that the holy spirit might lay on my heart to share with a most special, unique, and admiringly strong segment of society known as MOTHERS.

(friends, I know you are laughing right now)  

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